Fancy pants

You know me, I absolutely love a casual outfit. I've been working on something exciting with Shopbop recently and honestly, it's now one of my favourite places to shop. They're American based so you have to pay taxes once it arrives, but they do delivery in 2-3 days, so, swings and roundabouts.

As part of my project I had to choose some pieces to shoot. One of the pieces I chose were these incredible TIBI trousers. I'm a jeans girl through and through, so I ordered them thinking that I probably wouldn't wear or like them. Oh how wrong could I be…they fit like a glove, are lovely and high waisted and they're super versatile. I wore them first in this way, with Converse and a chunky knit and then I've planed them into my Christmas Day outfit (a fairly big deal for me) with a sheer shirt because they're so smart, and getting dressed up on Christmas Day is tradition. I sound like my dad "oh you look very smart Lindsey" -thanks dad.

I always found trousers a difficult thing to wear, probably because I'm obsessed with denim, and denim literally goes with everything. Why would I change the habit of a lifetime? VARIATION, Lindsey, that's why. As long as you keep to your own, usual style in terms of what you wear with them, they can be as versatile as denim. I've never found such wonderfully fitting, flattering, don't-want-to-take-off trousers before so I wanted to tell you about them.

You can shop my full look here:

TIBI trousers

Joie knit


The Stowe bucket bag

Photography by Michaela Tornaritis

Thank you so much for reading xx

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