Holiday shirting

Packing for warmer climes is always such a chore to me. I get something I like to call “style block”. How do I dress in something I love, still feel like me, and not sweat drops that amount to an entire ocean in the process? A question that I ask myself every single time I’m off on holiday.

I recently spent some time in Mykonos, which was, by the way, absolutely beautiful. I wrote a post about why you should go too…should you feel like treating yourself. Anyway, what I found on this trip in particular, was that I know what I like and now, I like what I know, and that is, a linen shirt and 501 denim shorts combination.

Linen was honestly my worst nightmare as a child. My mum used to buy us a holiday wardrobe every family holiday from the catalogue, and every year, there were some white, wide leg linen pants in the mix. Oh how I hated them. Creased within seconds, couldn’t wear knickers with them, and the only thing that I could pair with them was a vest top. A vest top.

I’m not sure what’s happened in the space between 10 year old Lindsey and 29 year old Lindsey, but I find myself to be the proud owner of 5 linen shirts. (CC Instagram).

The two I’m wearing here are new additions to my collection and I literally spent the whole trip in them.

The first is this white linen shirt by Asceno, who are honestly one of my favorite London based brands at the moment. They make luxury pieces in beach and swim wear, and even their ready to wear collection is a force to be reckoned with. I wore it open over swimwear, or half buttoned up and tucked into my 501’s. It’s just such an easy option, fuss free and won’t take up too much room in your case.

Next up is this amazing gingham one from Velvet by Graham & Spencer. I think this is the softest shirt I own, it’s an actual joy to wear. As pictured, this is a little more slouchy, so it worked best tied up at the front, and again with cut off 501’s.

Both shirts are a little investment, but you can wear them in so many ways that I’d invest again and again.

I also lived in these nomadic rope sandals, so comfortable, and inexpensive!

You can shop both shirts below, and for the 501’s I’ve popped a link but I always find vintage shops best for this so you can work out your fit:

Asceno linen shirt

Velvet by Graham & Spencer shirt

Levi 501’s

Nomadic rope sandals


Photography by Comb.

 Thank you so much for reading.