Hotels & Sheer tops

Hi you lot! I hope you're all so well this week. I wanted to share this look with you today because firstly, I am obsessed with this Topshop top, and secondly, to chat to you about why I was in this gorgeous hotel in Manchester last week.

I was invited to stay at the Kings Street Townhouse in Manchester by my lovely friends at Mr & Mrs Smith hotels. They asked me to host a panel discussion along with the founder, Tamara and another influencer. The topic was travel, how I find it, why I travel and whether working online and having such a social media presence helps or hinders my ability to enjoy, be in the moment and switch off when traveling.

We talked for a good 30 minutes about these things and actually, I feel I do have a fairly good balance these days. If I am traveling for work, often there's no expectation of the brand to post incessantly, they like it to feel organic, and so do I. I always try to explore as much as possible, see and try things I might not usually- especially if I'm lucky enough to be somewhere I'd have never thought to visit. With social media, I want to share everything because I'm usually excited to be there, but it doesn't define my trip, or my day. I'll post things on Instagram as usual, and take photos as I go along for my blog but I tend not to be rigid about it, and sometimes, I just turn my data off! It was a brilliant evening and my best friend Laura came to support me and we had a little sleepover at the hotel after, watched Love Island and ate biscuits, very spoiled!

This top is one I actually picked up during my stay in the north pre panel talk too, it's exactly what I was looking for ahead of my trip to the Amalfi Coast. It's sheer, so you'll need a nude bra underneath but it looks amazing with anything that's high waisted.

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Photography by @adrianasphoto

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you back here on Monday something new xx