It's a hood thing: Layering up

Hoody's are all in. Who'd have guessed it? I for one, am very happy about its return. For many reasons; largely for the sheer warmth of it all.

This look was shot in Berlin where climes were less than desirable, which is why I was just as cold as I appear to be in these shots. It can be tricky to layer in a way that you still feel like you, as in, you can sometimes get lost under layers, and by 'you' I mean your style. So this peeping little hood under a long dark trench suited me down to the ground (quite literally, it's a long ol' coat).

January is dubbed as the most depressing month of the year. I won't lie and say I feel on top of the world right now. Freezing temperatures and dark mornings don't really push my buttons. The way I try to navigate through it, amongst other positive attacks, is with style and sticking to what I want to wear, in a more imaginative (warm) manner.

You can shop my look below and I've listed my favourite hoody's for you too:

French Connection trench coat

Black hoody

Light wash Levi's 501

Dr Martens Flora boots

J.W. Anderson Pierce bag

Hoody edit £25 and under:

Grey, pull over

Nude, longline, pull over

Navy, pull over

2 pack black and charcoal, zip through

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a wonderful, bleak free week!