La Redoute in Nice part 2

I'm still so excited to share the looks from my trip to Nice with La Redoute with you. This was one of my favourites, although, I can't recommend that a leather skirt works in 28 degree heat…. I put this shirt on back to front. My Instagram direct messages were full of wonderfully perplexed women when I featured it because they just couldn't find this shirt on site- mainly because I hadn't told anyone it was on backwards. Major error on my part! Nevertheless, it's the only shirt I've found that fits well enough, backwards. Aside from the man in the lift of the hotel who actually told me I had it on backwards, the response was positive!

It's good to experiment with style, always. Ways of wearing deconstructed shirts are right up my street and I've since worn it this way in London, and nobody even bat an eyelid. Again, massively impressed with the quality of the shirt, and it has washed so well too.

The leather skirt (albeit WARM) is beautiful, really soft and buttery leather. I really love the cut too. Every woman needs a solid leather skirt in her wardrobe, this is mine.

I hope you love this look too!

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Striped shirt

Leather skirt

Tan wrap shoes- low heel style

Photography by Amber Rose Photography

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