Life isn't a race

One thing is certain; as we get older we learn to appreciate what we value in life. This often leads us to setting personal goals, the achievable kind, not the “I’m getting a beach body in January” because what the hell is a beach body anyway!?

For me, as you know, I turned 30 last year. I’ve never felt “behind” on the usual life goal checklist:

  1. Buy house
  2. Find someone to marry
  3. Get engaged
  4. Be married
  5. Have a baby

In any order, that’s usually the kind of path we tend to take.

Except that mine have been a little off course. And that’s okay too, isn’t it?

I started my working life as a dancer, contemporary mainly, but due to injury, my expiration date as a dancer would come at around age 22 and then what? I saw the value in Physiotherapy (after years of being treated myself) and took a leap of faith to begin my second degree. It’s still and will always be a running joke on my family that I am a “go-getter” who has 2 degrees and doesn’t practise either! I think my parents are just fuming that they paid for me to go on an elaborate Dance Therapy course for weeks on end in America that materialised to exactly nothing. I’m like that though, flippant, impulsive and always looking for my next big idea! My friends are amazed at the jobs I’ve had so far, from mucking out at stables to junior hairdresser, and a brief stint in podium dancing (with clothes on).

I practised as a Physio for four years following graduation, and whilst I adored it most of the time, I always struggled to conform to the rules. The lunch breaks, the hierarchy, the uniform and the lack of staff within the NHS, which left me exhausted and if it wasn’t for my patients, I’d have left 12 months earlier.

I made the decision to leave Physio after much deliberation, sleepless nights and countless conversations about financial stability. I’d hit a point where my blog was beginning to head in a direction I’d never imagined it would; it was now a fully fledged business and I simply couldn’t work 8-5pm in the NHS and float a one man band business on the back of it. I was knackered and stressed. So I had to make a choice. And here we are.

It was the best decision of my life so far. It has allowed me to be me again, and for me to explore what and who exactly makes me happy. Where I want to spend my time, and with whom.

One of the goals that has made itself known in all of this is that, I want to buy a flat in London. I’ve always thought about owning property but because I’ve never felt stable in many parts of my life, I’ve always brushed it off as something that I didn’t nessacarily need.

So. It’s going okay, the saving. I slipped and fell in Paris, straight into one of my favourite stores, and in my defence, they only have two: one in Paris and one in NYC. I bought a t-shirt that said “Impulse Overspend” on the front and decided that I needed it for my journey to buying my flat. But seriously though, that’s the last treat for a while. Okay, after the Reformation order I just made to be delivered in Miami next week.

Everyone has goal’s, but you don’t have to conform to the usual set as I mentioned before. Do it in your own sweet time. The only thing that matters is your happiness. Who cares what route you take to get there?

Shop the looks:

Black knit tank-sold out online, but from H&M mens Studio collection

Blue striped shirt

Alighieri hair clip

Weekday Voyage jeans

H&M Studio green knit jumper

Topshop black denim

Wish me luck on my self imposed saving mission! And thank you so much for reading xx