Little updates & bringing back the denim skirt

Finally, I've had a spare minute to sit down and share this look with you. Life, for all of us, is absolutely mental at times. There are peaks and troughs in everything we do, no matter what that career may be, and right now I am absolutely riding a peak, a peak that feels so steep I'm at risk of falling off. If you've read my previous post about balancing my lifestyle and two jobs, you'll know how important I feel it is to ensue balance as much as you can, to keep yourself well and happy. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, this just cannot happen.

I'm in the middle of an intense massage training course so that I can further develop my skills within Physiotherapy and work on a more flexible basis, and from home. It's also Summer, which means trips, my 30th Birthday and a very busy blog time! You can see where this is going….my diary is the source of all my anxiety at the moment but I know it will calm down, I just have to take every day as it comes. Easier said than done….

Anyway, now that you're a little more caught up on my inconsistency, I wanted to share this look with you. I was recently introduced to a new, high quality, high street online brand called Kitri. They're super affordable, make some great trend led and non-trend led pieces that are decent quality and have so far, washed very well. This khaki silky shirt is one of my new favourite pieces as it's so versatile for the Great British Summer that appears to be very indecisive! I styled it with an old vintage Levi's denim skirt which I hadn't dragged out of my wardrobe for at least two Summer's prior to this and now, I've fallen in love with it all over again, and I've forgotten how to wear jeans…The shoes, oh! the shoes, speak for themselves, a very new purchase of the Stella McCartney python loafers via I first saw these loafers on a friend and felt I had to try them on for myself, so I popped off to Liberty's with my mum, only to find that they were £460. £460 for shoes that aren't leather? I support what Stella McCartney does wholeheartedly, but when you're making an investment, you want something that'll last, right? I found them around five weeks later in the Matches sale for £148- I can't say fairer than that!

You can shop my look below:

Levi's denim skirt

Kitri khaki shirt

Stella McCartney python loafers- now in the sale

J.W. Anderson bag

Thank you so much for reading and for coming back time after time, even when I'm not the most consistent!