Low key PVC

Finally, I'm back on the wifi! moving house is the biggest inconvenience ever. Have you ever heard anybody say "I love packing, and I love redirecting bills and I love going for up to 2 weeks with no wifi!" No, me either.

I've been so excited to share this look from London Fashion Week with you, I know we're going back a week now but as I mentioned earlier, wifi-gate. If someone had told me that I'd fall heavily for a pair of white PVC pants in the not too distant future, I'd have laughed until I cried. Enter Topshop, who have made my dream trouser situation. Let's get one thing straight; they're PVC, and so they will keep you very warm, and at times, sticky! One of the more attractive things about them is that they don't squeak when you walk, nobody wants that.

I kept the look very minimal so I didn't feel too outrageously fash-un. I borrowed (and have not yet returned) this cream knit from a friend to keep the look toned down. It's by All Saints and it's one of the best knits I've ever come across, both in quality and style. My Acne Studios boots were the only viable option here, because I live and breathe them! I'm going to need another pair soon….honestly!

I finished off the look with my new Loewe bag in navy blue, which I got from Vestiaire Collective. I know I've talked to you about my deep rooted love for Vestiaire Collective before, but still, my love affair continues.

You can show my low key look below:

Topshop Vinyl pants

All Saints cream knit

Loewe Puzzle bag

Acne Studios Jensen boots

Photos by Comb.

Thank you so much for reading.

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