New York : Golden Astley Clarke


You'll all know by now that jewellery is something that's really important to me. I'm a sentimental soul, and I wear pieces that mean something to me, or that have some significance over a period in my life. Six years ago, my parents bought me some jewellery from Astley Clarke. Now, my mum, has got exceptional taste overall, but it's her jewellery that has turned me into the magpie that I am. Since my parents bought me my first 'proper' fine jewellery pieces from Astley Clarke, I've always looked to Astley Clarke if I'm choosing a new investment piece for an occasion. Having the chance to work with them on something special in New York last week was amazing, because six years ago my blog wasn't even born.

I wanted to style some really wearable, everyday pieces in with a couple of fine jewellery pieces to show how they can be worn side by side, and also, not break your bank!

I've listed what I'm wearing below, and guess what….there's 20% off site when you use code: GOLDRUSH at the check out. You're welcome.

Graduated piet necklace

Gold cross pendant

Cosmos pendant

Mini interstellar ring

Fusion interstellar ring

Double spiga stilla ring

Tripet ring

Piet oval hoop earrings 

My wonderful friend and photographer Simbarache Cha captured this for me and I really love what we made.

This post was written in collaboration with Astley Clarke, however all opinions and choices are absolutely my own.

Thank you so much for reading xx

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