"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"

Words can't really explain the love I have for New York. What a city. I went there just last week with some of my best friends. Katherine and Lizzy. The three of us have traveled together a lot over the years, and we just work so well as a trio. Katherine is having a baby! So we wanted to have a last little girls holiday before the baby arrives in February. We ate at the most incredible places, did some serious shopping and walked for miles exploring new parts of the city.

This trip in particular was pivotal for me, I spoke a lot to the girls about why, and they were in agreement. I love to travel so much, but you know what, I love being at home too, and as part of my job I get to travel a lot. At one point in my life, and I'm sure this rings true for a lot of you too; I would travel to escape. I always felt at my most care-free when I traveled, free of responsibilities, free of having to deal with whatever it was that I decided to run away from this time. The slap in the face whenever I came home from being so happy, and having to deal with the things I'd left here was always a little too stingy to bear, though.

Traveling to escape can help in some ways. It's a temporary relief, and a temporary happiness. The last time I went to New York was to escape a break up. I got drunk and got a tattoo and it was the most liberating night. It certainly helped me move forward an inch, and I'll always owe New York one for that.

Now that I'm probably the most settled I've ever felt, I don't need to run away anymore. So I choose my trips carefully. And I always try to make sure friends, family, James is there to experience it with me.

Here's to always traveling to explore and not to escape.

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