Patent leather in Paris

Oh Paris. I used to love you, but that love fizzled out. But now? I love you all over again.

I had the most wonderful time away in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. It's the first time I've been to Paris for fashion related work and let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible. I saw so much more of the city, I had appointments with brands that I already adore and I got to spend my time with some wonderful women. Katherine Ormerod of was my partner in crime and we had so much fun, mainly at my expense, but what can you do. 

This look came about because it was 13 degrees outside and I don't need an excuse to get my legs out! 

Lizzy Hadfield from was there too so we made time to see her, and her wonderful mum Ann. Ann is amazing, largely because she has to deal with that Lizzy loo on a daily basis..... but also because she took these shots of me! We had the best girl time, spent in a Californian style cafe, pouring over gorgeous food, wine and talking about life. 

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