Postcards from South Tyrol with Daisy Jewellery

Last week I was lucky enough to be whisked away with Daisy Jewellery and three wonderful mates Lizzy, Liv & Carrie, to South Tyrol. We were looked after by the South Tyrol tourist board during our trip and they took us to some amazing hotels and to see some of the most beautiful settings I think I’ll ever see. We headed out there to celebrate the launch of the new Healing Stone pieces and it was the most perfect and incredible setting. The collection is comprised of seven stones, which hold seven different meanings. The pieces I chose were a beautiful blue hue, and contained the stone Lapis which is worn as a reminder of tranquility, honesty and understanding.

You guys can get the new pieces here at from Tuesday 29th May.

We arrived into South Tyrol fairly late on. We checked into the incredible Hotel Therme Merano- which is the hotel to stay at for a view. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and the Sky Spa was amazing. That evening we had some of the best pasta (and a truck load of bread) at restaurant Kallmünz which was around a five minute walk from the hotel.

After a slightly hairy nights sleep owing to a pretty out of the blue panic attack, I got up and went to see the views and use the pools at the Sky Spa in Hotel Therme. It’s amazing what some fresh air and a swim can do. I’ve never seen a spa like it. Next up was a trip to the winery in Alois Lageder. Most of the group doesn’t drink wine, and since I’d been feeling off colour, I didn’t fancy it either, so instead we explored the local town, including the most amazing 17thcentury villa in the grounds of the winery. Our lunch was hosted at the restaurant Paradeis which was a new level of pasta! (and bread, more bread).

We moved onto our next hotel, hotel Das Wanda in Caldaro/Kaltern which was my absolute favourite. The rooms couldn’t have been more perfect and the views again, were incredible. My room overlooked a winery and as always, the Dolomites. I loved how minimal and paired back this hotel was, without feeling too cold. It’s safe to say I slept very well here, after the saga of the panic attack on the first night.

The next morning we had the most beautiful weather, as it had been a little cloudy and drizzly up to this point. It was such a blessing because we had a hike to contend with! Now, we say hike, we drove to the top and hiked down….it was absolutely beautiful. Lizzy and I had a situation during the hike, we both needed a wee, desperately. We had attempted to do this wee on the side of a hill but as you can imagine, it was all too hysterical and neither of us could go. Fast forward an hour and we absolutely HAD to so we found another concealed area on the trail. Hilarious. My trainers were not dry! The point of said hike was to see Lake Kaltern., which was amazing (how many times can I use the word ‘amazing’ to describe things here?). We had lunch by the lake which was so lovely and then headed off to the next lake, Lake Karersee. I have never seen water this colour. It was just breath-taking.

For our final night, we stayed at the Hotel Rosalpina Dolomites in Bressanone which again, was for the views, and they were the best of the bunch. We were so high up, and the entire place felt so alpine and fresh. Waking up to that view isn’t something that will leave my memory soon.

It was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever been on and I feel very lucky to have been allowed to explore such an uncovered part of the world.

Thank you to the gorgeous Daisy Jewellery team and to South Tyrol for having us.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with something brand new xx