Spring updates

Happy Bank Holiday Monday you lot! I hope you've all got to have some lovely restful, or party-party time off. I've had a bit of both! We had a really relaxing Friday and Saturday then James' brothers engagement party on Saturday night in Suffolk. So as you can imagine, Sunday was a struggle!

James and I took these photos on Thursday, as we were walking to the clinic where I was having a lump removed from my head. The photos of me sat down in the coffee shop are post lump removal, and I had no idea that my hair was stuck together like a little birds nest with the iodine and blood! Anyway, it's all okay, just sore.

I was willing the weather to brighten up for us but instead it tipped it down and I was walking around in these flipping sandals, what an error. Regardless of my gross misjudgement, I absolutely love this look as a casual Spring update, especially these sandals from Mango- which are very purse friendly.

Shop my look below:

Mango sandals

Weekday striped top

Weekday jeans

Have a great rest of your Monday.

Thank you so much, as always, for reading and I'll be back on Wednesday with something new for you xx