Suiting up with Paul Smith

We're all very aware that I absolutely love a suit. I think I now own eight. That's a fair amount for a woman who is not in a position of power in an office, right….?

I owe all credit for this incredible suit to Paul Smith. I am absolutely in love here, I mean, I wear the jacket almost daily, and then the trousers separately with various t-shirts and shirts. It's never-ending. THIS is why I'm obsessed with suits, the possibilities are wonderful! In my first collaboration with Paul Smith I explained that there are two lines of womenswear, and this suit is from the PS by Paul Smith line, the more trend led line.

So this suit has been put to the test, quite heavily. It's made with cotton/linen cloth so doesn't crease, and wears so well. I love that its double breasted, and it hangs beautifully. It's black and white gingham with a subtle light blue mixed in there too. Oh, and there's that amazing Paul Smith dinosaur t-shirt again!

It's my favourite suit. There, I said it!

You can shop my full look below:

PS by Paul Smith gingham suit jacket

PS by Paul Smith gingham suit trousers

PS by Paul Smith dinosaur t-shirt

Old Skool vans

Loewe Puzzle bag via Vestiaire

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Photography by Comb.