Sunshine shirt

Good morning you lot! Hope you've had a brilliant weekend. I've been in Norfolk with James' family this weekend so I've been able to have a little bit of a social media break without really trying, and it's been so nice. Nobody wants to be that guy at the family dinner table with their phone out, do they.

Late last week we went to stay at the Artist Residence hotel in London, which is one of my favourite hotels. It always feels a bit like home away from home, but fancier, when I stay. I was feeling a little bit uninspired, due to the lack of sunshine, so I decided to book in a night with somewhere that inspires me regardless of the weather. It absolutely did the trick. I was able to work, uninterrupted all day and shoot a few things that I've been wearing the life out of recently. I also managed to get through so much boring admin that I'd been putting off for weeks, and then by the time James came over after work, I felt so much more organised. We got a bit dressed up and went down for  few drinks and a meal.

The next morning I roped James in to shoot a couple of things for me, because he's getting a bit good with our camera now, so I can't lose an opportunity and if he's being honest, he enjoys it.

The lack of sunshine called for some sunshine clothes so, this & Other Stories shirt was a dead cert when I was shopping to update my Spring wardrobe. I live in these jeans now too, super long, a high waist and light-mid wash. I especially love them with these Topshop heels and at £46, for a pair of leather shoes that don't look like everything else on the high street, I was pretty excited to be honest. Topshop are amazing for shoes at the moment, so have a look for your Spring updates there, because the prices are so great too.

On Tuesday, I went to a gorgeous breakfast with Mulberry to get together with a wonderful group of women and celebrate the launch of the new Seaton style handbag. I had a bit of an 'Oh my goodness' moment when I was kindly given a new bag, because Mulberry was the first designer bag I saved up for and treated myself to, years ago. It's a brand I've always had such an affinity with. The colour is the most perfect hue for Spring, and I've got a few black bags so I didn't want to duplicate.

This week has made me feel much more inspired and creative. Sometimes I think we've just got to push ourselves to make things happen, after all it's our happiness and only us that can decide what makes us feel best.

Shop my look:

& Other Stories shirt - check in store as well

Weekday jeans

Topshop shoes

Mulberry Seaton bag

& Other Stories jacket

Donni silk scrunchie

Thank you so much for reading, you lot. I'll be back on Wednesday with something new for you. xx