The best in summer basics

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you're all having a great week so far. As I sit here writing about a summer outfit, there is some kind of mental thunderstorm happening outside and it's so ridiculous it sounds like a joke sound effect for thunder. Half tempted to hide under the sofa until further notice.

Anyway, believe it or not, pre thunderstorm I shot this look for you out in Notting Hill. I've got a couple of new pieces to show you, all fairly basic, and purse friendly. I had the mother of all clear outs last week, and it left me with a very clear idea of what I was missing in my summer wardrobe. I'm lucky enough to be traveling for work a few times this month and then, excitingly, James and I are going to do an Amalfi Coast road trip! We've never been before and we've both got super pre-holiday buzz.

My Summer wardrobe is a funny old place. I always used struggle to put together great summer looks, I felt at a loss without my jeans, some fashion blogger hey! I've just started to feel like I've cracked it, making sure I feel comfortable and excited to wear my summer outfits. Trying to look chic in the baking heat is somewhat difficult though. Especially during a windy boat trip, let me tell you.

I noticed that I didn't have very many interesting basics. You know the kind, something that goes with everything but has a little added detail on it too. I was kindly sent this top by Weekday, and it only comes in at £8. It's super soft and so easy to wear with all things summer, they have a few different colours too. The next thing I felt was missing, was the perfect black leather slides. The incredible brand that isA. Emerygot in touch to ask me if I'd like to choose a pair, and it was all very serendipitous indeed. A. Emery are an Australian brand that have designed and created the perfect collection of all black leather sandals. Chic, as a descriptive word doesn't even cut it with them, they're beyond it. I chose the Jasper sandal and they are so beautiful. I've worn them a few times now and for a fairly long time and they're super comfortable.

My bag is brand new in too, a treat to myself, lets say. It's by French brand, Muuñ. It fits a heck of a lot in there, which is perfect for me as I drag around 3-4 cameras a day around with me! It's the perfect, neutral cool bag for the summer.

My jeans are my trusty Weekday Row jeans, which are now back in stock online, finally, but be quick! And my jacket is also Weekday….I did not plan a full Weekday look but it's testament to how much I love the brand. Easy cool staples, always.

Shop my look:

Weekday vest

Weekday jeans

Weekday jacket

Muuñ bag- similar design here

A. Emery sandals

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you back here on Monday for something new on xx