The Edit with Reve En Vert

Here I am in my undies. Well, kind of. I can't express to you how proud I am of this shoot in collaboration with Reve En Vert. I have never, ever seen myself looking this way and nor have I ever felt as beautiful or exposed as I do looking at myself here. Strange huh? This will be a shoot to treasure until I have children, and then they'll think I'm either gross or cool.

The wonderful team at Reve En Vert have the most incredible curated store, brimming with world wide sustainable fashion and accessories. The day I found them was the day I questioned how I'd made it to age 29 and not stumbled across them until now.

Our shoot was to focus in on Scandinavian intimates. It's no joke that the weather has nose dived into A/W and we're all going to need some killer cosy loungewear to see it off. Enter Reve En Vert, a hidden gem offering some of the most beautifully made basics and intimates I've ever met.
Roo Lewis shot me here, and he was the epitome of a dream to work with. He worked on film and I've always though there was something really beautiful about the way film photos develop, even as a child, I loved the soft, grainy effect my photos had.

Each piece I wore felt so comfortable, like it was made for lounging in. Kind of like a reassuring cuddle.
I'm not the most body confident woman on the planet, but that's okay. I was nervous about getting my kit off pre shoot, but if I'm being honest with you, after frame two, I was away and using the space comfortably. I wasn't bothered that my little thread vein on my knee was peeping out, or that my back has 7 million freckles to its name. I just felt really, really good. I am so happy I had the opportunity to do this, and especially with Reve En Vert, and now I get to keep it forever.

You can shop each piece in the Intimates section here.

Thank you so, so much for reading. I would really love your feedback on this too.