The perfect white shirt

This blog post is soley dedicated to welcoming this perfect white shirt into my wardrobe. Finding the perfect white shirt is tougher than you think, actually. Now that the weather looks to be shaping up (or well, at least is was when I ordered this shirt), I felt it high time to get out there on the hunt for a shirt versatile enough to see me through Spring and Summer. A white shirt is the easiest, most chic thing to pair with denim, shorts, skirts, the lot. Whether thats on a day out with your friends, or away on holiday- it always works.

This is where you're going to be annoyed with me, this shirt, is from Vestiare, so there was only this one! It's by Magda Butrym, a designer I fell in love with last year, but have never been able to afford because she's super high end. This shirt however, was under £100 on Vestiare and I almost fell off my chair when it popped up- I've never ordered something so quickly in all my life.

Remember on Vestiaire you need to sign up to view the website, it's super easy and very much worth it though!

I'm not going to be completely selfish here, so I've done some research to find some similar ones for you!

The white shirt edit:

Mango ribbed panel shirt

Mango open work shirt

Topshop puff sleeve shirt

What I wore:

Weekday jeans

Acne Jensen boots

Loewe puzzle bag

Thank you so much for reading. See you on Friday with something new! xx