The velvet touch

I've waited a couple of months now, to find the perfect velvet jacket. Here we have exactly that. This velvet smoking jacket form ASOS is everything I wanted. The colour is neutral but cool, and it's cut beautifully. I love the way the lapel sits and the length of the jacket as it brushes just past your jeans pockets.

When you're looking to buy a trend piece, you won't be sure how long you'll love it for. That's why I wait. I've thrown away, and wasted so much money on pieces that I'll wear to death for two weeks then never touch again. Whilst quality is important, it's also important to recognise whether it's worth it too. Cost per wear, they say, right?

This jacket is £115. I've had it in my wardrobe for around three weeks and it's already a firm favourite. It's been out for an evening meal, to add some class to an all black ensemble and then here, as a classy nod to the humble graphic t-shirt and some denim. 

I absolutely love this look, and layering in these climes is so key when trying to maintain warmth and your style.

You can shop my look below:

Velvet smoking jacket

Ganni graphic t shirt

Black roll neck

Acne Studios jeans

Acne Studios boots

Gucci bag

Photos by Atosa.

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful week.


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