The weekend series: Stockholm

I've just come back from a gorgeous weekend away in the crispy cold climes of Stockholm. James and I did the same trip this time last year, and we both fell in love with the city. We've just said, we'll go back again next year! There is still so much more to see and do.

We stayed at Miss Clara, and it was beautiful. An understated classic-cool, you know, the way that the Scandi's do. The room was very cool, sprawling windows, minimal design and muted colours, with a real attention to detail. The bar/restaurant areas were just as beautiful, too, and James said they make an amazing Negroni! We had breakfast at the hotel both mornings because it was perfect, a real hearty breakfast buffet. The location of the hotel is so perfect too, nowhere was more than a 30 minute walk away, and when I'm away, I try to walk everywhere to get my bearings and stumble across things I might not have seen or known about otherwise.

I want to share all the things we loved whilst we were away, from food to vintage!

Vintage lifestyle store: Söders Retro. What a gem of a store. I wanted to take 4 mirrors home, but James told me we absolutely wouldn't fit them in the case (and rightly so, they were as big as us!). Prices were so reasonable, one of the mirrors was only £30. I will dream of it forever!!

Fotografiska: The Swedish Museum of Photography. What a beautiful place! There are 3 exhibitions inside, each one more beautiful than the last. It's around £12 pp entrance fee. They have an incredible cafe on the rooftop too, so it has great views, and coffee!

The Stockholm library: What an incredible set up; it's like the insane library's we see in Hollywood films. Great to pop into and take it in for 10 minutes as you walk past (10 minutes from Miss Clara).

Stockholms Stadsmission-second hand & remake store: I'm not usually a vintage shopper, but if I was going to try it anywhere, it would be Stockholm for obvious reasons! There are plenty of these scattered about.

Djuret: A gorgeous, classic dining room that offers a tasting menu and wine pairing. A bit spend-y! But a beautiful evening. The menu is always something you've never had before so I suggest just dive in and try it!

EKSTEDT: We went here last year, so out of sentimental value and the fact that we loved it the first time round, we went back. It's a smokehouse essentially, and another tasting menu, you can choose out fo 4 or 6 course, but they always pad them out with other little courses in between! This one is flipping expensive. For a special occasion, go for it. But there are plenty of places to eat that won't break the bank.

Riche: A non-bank breaking restaurant and bar. Wine is expensive here but food prices were okay! Lots of people recommended this to us and it was very cool and beautiful inside!

Snickarbacken 7: A wonderful little gem. Industrial/church like inside, lit by candles and serving some really great brunch food. There's even a design store inside. Very cool, and purse friendly.

Thank you so much for reading and do let me know if you go! xx