A day out of London | Bamford Haybarn Spa

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bamford Spa at Daylesford Farm, and since I already use Bamford products and needed somewhat of a rest from London, I jumped at the chance, together with my wonderful mate Anna of South Molton St Style.
We arrived to the most serene, beautiful surroundings and were greeted with various types of "good for the body" tea. The staff were amazing and we were then whisked off to our treatments. I had chosen a deep tissue massage for my neck, back and shoulders because that's where I carry stress, heck, I think that's where everyone carries stress! But I was really feeling it.
My therapist, was like an angel sent to make me okay again. She was so wonderful. She was able to make me feel more relaxed that I think I have ever felt in my entire 28 years of life. Now this is a bit strange, but I felt so thankful to her that I almost cried, it didn't help that she identified that I was feeling a little fragile and gave me multiple hugs as if to say "you're okay". What a lady!
We then headed for lunch which was all home grown, and hand picked to match our treatments. Think super green foods and you're there.
After lunch we headed upstairs to the most relaxing yoga studio for an hours good stretch and relax with their in-house yoga teacher. I felt so amazing afterwards!
I honestly couldn't recommend the spa more. It's around an hour and 15 minutes out of London and in the most perfect of locations. 
Check out the spa and where you can track down a treatment here.
Thank you so much for reading.