ASOS denim edit part 2

 Welcome to part two of my denim edit with ASOS. I have loved doing this for you! I just love denim way too much. Forever seeking out the perfect wash, the perfect straight leg.

I'm going to continue the theme of a basic tee with denim, because it's such an easy look whether you're jumping into your old Converse or some killer wedges, just like these, which are also ASOS.

These jeans are the same style as the ones in the first edit, I just adored the wash. Really casual, authentic blue denim, my favourite. The fit of these is actually a little better, I think it's to do with the way the denim is treated when they are going though the dying process, but they seem to have less stretch.
This basic white tee is ASOS, as part of a three pack. They are the best fitting basics ever.

 Shop my entire look below:
ASOS Castile jeans
Oversized t-shirt pack
ASOS 'Too Good' wedges

It's so easy to worry about the way we look, what's 'cool' and really, what it comes down to is you feeling like you. If you feel comfortable, and ready to take on the world, then wear it. I've always loved the way a super outfit can change my mood and make me feel incredible, and ready for pretty much anything. That's why I love this edit so much, it's one of the most basic outfits you could put together but it fits well, and it can styled however the heck you want it to be, and…it will not break your bank!

I hope you have enjoyed this edit, there's still one more to come your way!

Thank you so much for reading, as always.