Basic dressing up

Last weekend I finally found some time to shoot some of the pieces I cannot stop wearing. There's been a short hiatus on the blog posting front because I've just moved house and jobs, but thankfully, I've found a little more balance and am able to concentrate on creating new content again.
I need to tell you about Comb, the people behind my photography of late. I met these guys during London Fashion Week as they were the official photographers for The Apartment. In addition to being super photographers, Comb are essentially an app to help you to shop those pieces you can't find. The Comb app allows you to upload a snap of that piece you just can't forget about and offers you a tonne of options that are similar. It's that simple.
I'm wearing a pretty basic outfit, with my favorite KG killer boots that can turn any outfit I wear into one of note. My jacket is from the wonderful Gestuz- military style, done beautifully. I threw on an Alexander Wang tee that I actually bought for Chris, and I have gotten much more wear out of it than he has! A basic tee keeps the jacket understated and not to girly or work wear like.
My jeans are my beloved pair from Bethnals, I took a pair of scissors to the hems to roughen them up a little and add extra crop.
Shop my look below:
Photos by Comb
I hope you've enjoyed this post and thank you all again so much for reading.