Boiler Suit Sunday

Happy Tube Strike Day to my London readers....for those of you having a nice day off, and sorry to those of you it took 6 hours to get to work...I couldn't get to work today so here I am with an update. To be honest, I leave for Greece tomorrow and I'm the furthest away from ready so it's a blessing in disguise. So far I've packed x 3 pairs of knickers and a travel sized toothpaste. Something tells me I won't get very far with those items!

On Sunday I had the best day with my housemate. We headed out for brunch at the farm cafe, yes, a farm with actual animals in central London....and then we hung out and I watched her cook more food for for us! 
I threw on my beloved ASOS White boiler suit and new Stans to stay cool and chilled, it was Sunday after all. Lou also lent me her Incredible Manifesto shades made from Acetate, they are just beyond wonderful. They fit beautifully and the design on them is unreal.
My new Stans are c/o the amazing team at Foot Locker as part of their Summer campaign and my God, I am in love with this woven style. You can never have too many pairs of Stans....I'm up to 6 pairs and counting. 

Shop the look:

I hope you all get home at a reasonable hour this evening! I'll be thinking of you!
Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend.

I'll be busy in Greece so you can keep up with me on Instagram @ropesofholland