Casual layers

Dare I say that the weather is on the turn to Spring!? I'd better not, just in case. All I'm going to say is that I am really enjoying wearing my sunglasses. 
I shot this outfit last week when I was back in Preston catching up with one of my best mates, Luisa of We did what we usually do when I visit and that's laugh at the kids because they are kerazy and amazing and drink lots of coffee. 
I've flat out fallen in love with a few of the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit, firstly, the neoprene wrap bomber by Finders Keepers and the grey Jaggar crossing jumper. I was lucky enough to be sent these pieces all the way from my favourite place on earth, Australia. The amazing Lucy at Fashion Bunker let me choose these pieces to take and wear to London Fashion Week, but the postman did not get the memo! These brands are by far two of my absolute go-to's, they always get basics spot on with a twist and they are amazing at bridging that gap between high street and high end.
My next favourite piece is of course, my brand spanking new Michael Kors bag, sent to me by the incredible store that is Harvey Nichols  Just look at that incredible shade of Orange! I will not be seen without this bag for the foreseeable future, and since I wear a lot of muted tones usually, this bag is going to pick up those tones beautifully. 
I finished my outfit off with my staple ASOS Girlfriend jeans and muted Zara boots to dress up my casual look.

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I hope you're having a less painfully hungover Saturday than I am!
Thank you so much for reading.