Citizen M London Bankside

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the very wonderful Citizen M hotel at London Bankside. My goodness, what a treat. My mum came down from the North to visit me for the weekend so we decided we wanted to stay somewhere with amazing reviews, beautiful rooms and situated somewhere so that we didn't have to roam around London all weekend. Mum always visits, she's no stranger to London and plus, she despises the tube, and the escalators....they're too high. So the perfect weekend would be to have things in walking distance (even though mum wore her new boots, which, by the end of the weekend were killing her).

We checked in around 1300, which by the way, took around 60 seconds....all automated, no messing about. The room we had was gorgeous, super simple and chic with a huge bed, huge TV and iPad controls to manage whatever films we wanted to watch, in addition to the room temperature and mood lights. Fancy hey?

The staff were pretty lovely too, they even left me a journal and a note in my room so I could always put pen to paper should an idea for creating blog content strike me. Super thoughtful.
We spent a little (a lot) of time in the hotel bar because well, it was gorgeous and mum and I do love a catch up over a bottle of wine and we hadn't seen each other since mid December so we were saving up all of our gossip!

In under ten minutes we could walk to Borough Markets, so we spent our afternoon there, wandering around, tasting the cheeses and drinking specialist wine in a wine bar just inside the market. And maybe I had some prosecco as well, but that's beside the point. It was such a gorgeous afternoon out.
When tea time rolled around, we were both so ready for a big meal, and yet more wine. Chris came to meet us and we headed, this time a five minute walk down the road, to The Refinery. Three courses each and two bottles of wine, the food at this place was beautiful.

It's more than safe to say I slept like a log in that royally big bed, and breakfast in the morning was honestly, one of the best I've ever had in a hotel. I mean, I had seconds, it was ace.

If you've got family coming to visit London, or you just fancy a gorgeous night away, head to the Citizen M. I promise it won't disappoint!

Thank you so much for reading.