Dinny Hall Hoops

Jewellery designer Dinny Hall is causing something of a stir recently. Although famous for her incredible design career and heritage spanning 30 years, it's Dinny's hoops that have everyone hooked. I was lucky enough to visit her Notting Hill store a little while ago to really get a feel for what she does and how she does it. On top of that, I was given the opportunity to choose my very own pair of hoops. Now if its hoops, for me, it has got to be gold. I wanted something I can wear and keep as my 'forever pair', so I wanted something quite classic but with a modern edge that wouldn't date. Cue these incredible gold bamboo inspired hoops. I must tell you at this point that it was just outside Dinny's store that I saw Jamie Dornan. There weren't any words for this, and there aren't any now.
To celebrate 30 years, Dinny has a beautiful, exclusive area in the Liberty of London jewellery hall of 10 iconic hoops, aptly named 'Hall of Hoops'. I'd urge you to go and visit, it's beautiful. 

I asked Dinny a few questions here...

LH:To use the word talented to describe you as a designer would be a little understated.... When did you first learn that you had found a passion for designing jewellery over anything else?

DH:When I was very young I bought a ruby and Emerald Cartier brooch for 4p from our village hall jumble sale, I had an eye for jewels even at the age of 9. I drew as soon as I could hold a pencil but my passion for jewellery design really began when at art school on foundation course when I started to work with precious metals.

LH:What has most inspired the transition of style noted in your designs?

DH:Naturally my style has evolved over the years but in the end it's always the woman who wears the jewellery who inspires the designs. Ideas come from the world around me from nature to architecture and I tend towards perfecting shape over and over again returning to favourite themes.

LH:When are you most creative?

DH:I'm at my most creative when I'm alone or able to clear my head of others concerns in life.

LH:Tell me what you're most proud of in your career.

DH:I'm most proud of being a designer running my own business for 30 years but also that my designs appeal across the generations.

LH:Who would you love to see your designs on?

DH:Do you know that Sienna Miller and Adele wear my jewellery along with many other actresses, politicians, female judges, bankers, writers and fashionistas so I'm pretty proud about all that. I'm just happy to see all sorts of women wearing my designs really but if you push me then - Charlize Theron!

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into Dinny's brand, she really is a talented woman!
Thank you so much for reading