Fur bomber resurgence

Here we are again, in the depths of the bitter British Winter, and my goodness, isn't it horrific. I live next to a high bridge that I must heroically cross every morning on my way to work. The strength and  temperature of the wind up there is just beyond ridiculous. It's like preparing for an expedition every single day. This brings me nicely into why I dug out the best thing ever to come out of ASOS. My teddy fur bomber jacket - which is also now available in navy blue.

I braved the cold with Hannah earlier this week to shoot this look, and yes, neither of us had any sensory feeling remaining in our hands post shoot. But, I am besotted with my jacket all over again. It is the easiest thing to throw on for warmth and not have to get technical with the outfit you've got on underneath. My drop waist dress layered over ripped skinny jeans worked perfectly for me. See, fur doesn't have to be glam! Especially when you're wearing Dr Marten Chelsea boots.

My issue with this type of weather is layers. I love layers like most girls on this earth, but when you've no choice in the matter and you're bundled up with knitwear and scarfs, it can be difficult to show off your newest flared sleeved shirt. You see my frustration. On the other side of that, I'm guessing you'd all prefer to be warm over wearing your new shirt, layer-less.....

I hope you're all ready for the weekend and have some brilliant plans ahead. Thank you so much, as always for coming back and reading time and time again.