Genevieve Sweeney

I absolutely have to introduce you to Genevieve Sweeney, AKA the only knitwear brand you should be wearing this A/W.
Yesterday I visited the beautiful premium British knitwear designer at her pop up store in Hackney, The Hackney Store. Genevieve has transformed the pop up shop into a beautiful space of her own for just this week. We drank coffee and I poured over (not the coffee) both current and next seasons collection. It was love.
Genevieve is such an incredible woman, talented with the most amazing vision for her brand. She goes from sketch to production and you can see every bit of her passion in the process.

We talked through yarns and colour blends and just how much work goes into each piece- to be honest I had no idea it was so technical, it's amazing what has to happen to create one beautiful piece!

There are scarfs made for A/W dreams and socks (I'm wearing mine right now) that are so soft and cosy. Mine have a sparkle fleck through them and I wore them with my Stan Smith's today- amazing combo.

We're planning an exciting collaboration next month so keep your eyes peeled!

If you do anything with your Friday this week, make it a trip to see Genevieve at:

The Hackney Shop
99 Mornington Lane

*closes Sunday 

Thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful evening!