Oh hey Summer! Thank GOD you got the memo that the UK needed you! Here I am taking absolute advantage of a few rays this weekend in Greenwich. What a beautiful place, and I'm so lucky to live ten minutes away. I popped on some silk basketball shorts, new COS tank and my trusty Opening Ceremony kicks for a chilled day out. I am very aware that I am dressed like a boy here....and I'm totally okay with that.

I've been a little bit M.I.A recently so apologies, but I'm back now, nothing is going to stop me from blogging anymore, I literally love it too much and when I'm not sat here talking to you all as if you're my best pals, I miss you! How soft! It can't be just me right?

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I hope you've had a gorgeous weekend. I'm being all soft again and feeling so lucky to have my amazing mates down here in London with me.
Thank you so much for reading.