House to home x La Redoute

 Hello and welcome to Saturday, thank goodness for the weekend. I've been counting down the days to a lie in this week!
I'm really excited to share with you a few hero pieces at our new flat. Chris and I moved in together three weeks ago and we've been working tirelessly (with many an argument) to get the flat looking beautiful and feeling like home. I can finally say that I think we're pretty much there and we both feel so proud of what we've built together.

I worked with the wonderful La Redoute to inspire our home. I chose a few key pieces that I knew would work well in our space and I couldn't be happier with the pieces or the design. If you read a lot of blogs, you'll see La Redoute is making a seriously stylish resurgence, and not just in the clothing department. In all honesty, whether this post was a collaboration or not, I would have bought every single item you can see above. The quality is beautiful, and the price points are ridiculously low.

The first thing that caught my eye was the walnut desk. I have needed a space to work for so long but have never had enough room before now. I love the walnut tones and it works beautifully with our Scandinavian feel.

Copper is still very much 'in Vogue', so when I saw this wooden x copper clothes rail I was absolutely sold. It's just subtle enough to nod to this interior trend and not too garish! I've told Chris that this rail is only for our best clothes (he thinks I'm ridiculous, and yes, he's right).

I first fell in love with a wall hanging on Pinterest, we clicked through to buy said wall hanging and it was a whopping £1150. We swiftly exited the cart and longed for it thereafter. Then, as I was browsing through the La Redoute homeware section, I found this absolute masterpiece. I mean, it's bigger, more beautiful and cooler than the one we first fell in love with AND it's only £89! We repainted the wall and put it centrally in the flat because we are both besotted with it.

The mini black lacquered x wooden table is so perfect as a side table and I love the shape of it. It reminds me of an updated 50's console table. Again, keeping within our Scandi theme.

Lastly, I chose this wool grey triangle rug. We have wooden floors in the front room so I wanted to warm it up a little with some colour. It's super cosy and you can always find me laying on it, making the place look untidy!

I hope you love these hero interior pieces as much as I do. Thank you so much for reading, it means so much. Have the best weekend, spoil your mum's and the women in your lives!