How to travel, happily

This year, quite unintentionally actually, I'm heading all over the world. As amazing as that is and can be, you've got to be prepared. By prepared I mean, when travelling with a partner, be ready to witness how weirdly they do things, how lost they get you both and how not checking menu's sufficiently can end in tears and near vomit.

When TravelSupermarket reached out to ask me for some tips on how to travel with a loved one, I was like, "hold the phone". I know how not to travel with a loved one, so let's start there and work backwards.

-You are abroad. You have no directional sense. Don't be a hero. Use a map. The times I've spent trailing around after men who 'appear' to know exactly where they are going, and then clearly, do not, is criminal. Suck it up and plan it together, make an itinerary, research the best routes and transport links to use. Don't kill each other.

-Always read more restaurant reviews than necessary. And if you're going to a Michelin star restaurant because you want to treat said loved one, ask what's on the "surprise" menu, or you'll end up with oysters, and a near vomit experience at the dinner table.

-Use the exchange rate properly. Especially if you're as bad at maths as I am. Do not round down. There will be tears and gut wrenching remorse when you check your bank statement upon your arrival home. 

Surely you guys have some brilliant travel stories? I'd love to hear them. Thank you so much for reading.