keeping it casual

Happy Monday! I hope to wasn't a bad one...

Sorry for the massive gap between my posts, I'm still using the excuse that London is a very hectic city an that Im kind of out every evening!
Working in fashion throws up some incredible opportunities and I love my job more than anything. However, what I don't particularly love is finding something different to wear every day, five days a week- THE PRESSURE. Here is where I am thankful for benefits such as sample sales and staff discount. 
This outfit was from Friday last week when I just wanted to feel comfortable! That's not really something a twenty-something girl would say is it...well, I'm more like my nana every day. Anyway, I chucked this outfit together and felt so comfortable all day, the right amount of layering and super cosy pants (okay, now, that's an old thing to say).

I'm head to toe in ASOS here (obviously) but my leather gilet is an absolute steal from Zara in the sale. 

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Have a gorgeous Monday night and thank you so much for reading.