Kit & Ace Try on, Regent Street London

Last week I was kindly invited by Kit and Ace to visit their Regent Street pop-up store in London to have a good ol' try on and give some feedback about the product.
Now if you don't know about Kit and Ace yet, you really must give them a visit! Canadian born brand Kit and Ace specialise in luxury basics and most wonderfully, technical cashmere, and what this means is essentially, all of the quality without the dry cleaning element. Its meant to be worn and loved and worn again, standing the test of time and your washing machine!

Kit and Ace say.....

"Your time is precious and your comfort is paramount.

We create designs that look good and feel amazing, so you can forget the small stuff and get on with the big stuff."

I had the most lovely afternoon with the girls, they pulled out a few pieces as above, that they thought I would like, and I did (they did their research!). Each item I tried, I told them exactly what I loved or would change in each piece. The pop-up store is so beautiful, as you can see, it smells incredible and there's even a photo booth!

The girls let me take away a piece I'd fallen in love with, so I chose an incredible oversized (of course) grey bomber jacket with extra wide sleeves. You can see it above but I'll be featuring it in a separate post because its just absolutely incredible!

I hope you've enjoyed the post and I hope you have a wonderful week.