Knots and Rips with Gucci

I promised myself I wouldn't begin another blog post by complaining about the cold weather, but here it is, and here I am. I'm freezing. 
Last week I popped out with Emma for our weekly blog shoot (and lunch, always lunch) and as per usual, Em was wrapped up sensibly and I, was not. Regardless of that, I really do love this outfit and I can't stop wearing it. I probably just need an Acne Studio scarf to wrap up in (Chris...).
My jumper is one of my best buys. I picked it up at the Acne Archive in Copenhagen back in November, and it was around £100! It's beautiful and has the best cut away back. Chris bought it for me as a 'congratulations on your new job' present. I should get new jobs more often.
The jeans I'm wearing are my absolute go-to pair from ASOS. I've had them for about a year now and they've worn incredibly well, and I can't find a wash I like more than this anywhere.
In my attempt to stay warm,  I put on my Topshop shearling jacket, which has been super popular and has sold out online, you can buy similar here or pop in store to find it. It is one of the warmest coats I own and I've had nothing but compliments about it. It's that really wonderful longline, oversized fit.
On my feet you'll find my most recent purchase from my trip to Bicester Village. If you haven't been yet, you absolutely must book a trip in. You can be there in 45 minutes direct from London, so really, there's no excuse. Back to the shoes, the Gucci shoes. I literally couldn't believe my luck when I wandered into Gucci and actually found exactly what I'd set out to find. I love the new season Gucci loafers, but, when I found them to be sold out in my size, I had to resort to other means of sourcing some. These little wonders fit better and have a chunkier sole and I love the way they look with some light denim.
I hope you've had the best weekend! Thank you so much for reading.