Leeds Festival Ready

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for Leeds Festival. The line up is hella good and in a week I'll be putting up my tent, organising my cans of dry shampoo with glitter on my face (to hide the bags under my eyes) and heading for a weekend of non-stop music. What could be better? I literally cannot think of anything better!

The wonderful team at Reading and Leeds have granted me guest access so that in itself will enhance my experience, and maybe it'll be a little less muddy? I don't know, I'm a massive festival virgin.

I know lots of you are going to Reading and Leeds so I thought I would pop together a post so none of us forget any of the essentials! 

I don't have any wellies, but I'm not worried, and I know I probably should be. I'm subbing in my Dr Martens and I feel that this is an acceptable move. No? Moving swiftly on from my potential trench foot situation...

Do not leave your house without packing the following things: (*warning these may not be totally practical, but you'll thank me when you feel like you're winning at life over the entire weekend.

*A tent
*An airbed (I categorically will not be sleeping on the ground)
*A sleeping bag
*A sleeping mat (extra padding)
*Spooning parter (AKA Laura Morris, my babe!)
*A pillow
*Portable phone charger

*Dry shampoo, and lots of it
*GLITTER, you're not really going to get much sleep so you need something to hide the bags under your eyes
*Salt spray, which means you don't have to brush your hair
*Bobbles, for plaiting 
*Travel perfume, a tiny sample will do
*Make up removing wipes
*Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

*Fake tan before you go!

*Highlighter for those cheek bones
*Eyebrow tamer
*LOTS of lipstick

Outfit planning:
You will need three core outfits, one for each of the days. And an array of sunglasses.

I've gone with layers. Dresses that jumpers can be thrown on top of and finished off with either a leather biker or my brand spanking new Rains jacket in the likely event of a downpour.

Footwear wise, I'm going with Dr Martens and converse. I might pack some gladiators just in case.

Make sure you pop in a couple of warm layers. If you're taking dresses, throw some soft denim skinnies in so you can whizz them on if you get cold.

In terms of a bag...Backpack. That's all I'll take. It's out of the way and fits all of your essentials in. And do not leave any valuables in your tent!

I think that's about it. I really hope this has been useful! Have an incredible time if you're going and please say hi if you see me!

Have a gorgeous week and thanks so much for stopping by.