London Fashion Week Day 1 with Schwarzkopf at Felder Felder

I want to tell you all about Day 1 of London Fashion Week with Schwarzkopf at the Felder Felder show, from backstage to front row! I don't know how to begin to tell you just how incredible an experience it truly was. Aside from the nerves surrounding my time to interview the Felder girls and Armin, Schwarzkopf's international stylist, I was literally buzzing with excitement the entire time. Every single person I came into contact with from Schwarzkopf couldn't have been lovelier and as for Chalk PR, the guys looking after Schwarzkopf, and me! Well they were just incredible people.

My day began at 10.30am where the majorly talented Armin cut my hair to fit in with the Felder Felder show hair look. Drawing inspiration from the laid back, sultry 70's, he worked wonders on me. From my usual blunt cut long bob he gave me a messy, relaxed short bob which I'm kind of in love with. Backstage was such an amazing place to be, it started off pretty relaxed but soon became a hub of electricity. There was the best vibe in the air, models being prepped and dressed, the Felder girls catching up with everyone and then finally the call for the show to begin.

Last season I had the mega opportunity to see the Felder Felder show from front row and their collection was hands down my favourite of the season. This season was absolutely no different, the sultry 70's and 'Rock Glam' vibes filled every corner of Freemasons Hall and I was once again wishing I could have lived through the 70's. I have popped a few of my absolutely favourite looks from the show above, I think you'll agree that if you weren't feeling the 70's trend before, you will be now. 

Stay tuned for my diary of Day 2 with Schwarzkopf where I tested out my interviewing skills to find the best dressed hair on the street!

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you're having a great week so far.