Minimal Sunday's

Sunday's are fast becoming one of the days of the week I treasure most. I stay in bed late with a cup of tea, catch up on emails, go for walks and make sure I eat lunch out in a chilled environment.
Growing up, Sunday's were the one day I couldn't stand. All of the kids on my street, myself included, would have to be in at a certain time mid game of 'man hunt' (parents have no respect for mass games of man hunt) for a Sunday afternoon dinner, then we would have to wait at least 30 minutes to 'let our tea go down' and by that point we were told it was too late to go and play out again, so to go and get in the bath because it was school in the morning. So for me, I'm very happy to see the back on Sunday's as a child!

This Sunday, I headed out into London for lunch and a catch up with one of the most beautiful people I know, Abbie from Fashion Tatt. She was late, which is funny because she's never late- I was stood at the top of the escalator like my date had stood me up! But I'll let her off because she made my day.

I'm a little obsessed with every item you can see me wearing here...I kid you not. Keeping it minimal, but comfortable enough in ASOS White Cashmere for a Sunday.

You can shop my look below:

Have a wonderful week! Let me know if I can catch you at London Fashion Week which starts on Friday.
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Thank you so much for reading