Modern Society London

What you see here is a collection of images shot in new East London store, Modern Society. I'd go as far as to say that it's my favourite new store in London. Really, it is that special. I headed in last week to have a look around (again) and chat to the beautiful owner about what she'd imagined.

This 'general' store stocks luxury items from all over the globe. From shearling coats to stationary entitled 'YOLO' and 'BABE' - who doesn't need those? I mean, I definitely do and *may* have bought a few pieces. To better explain how this store makes me feel, I'd say it was like walking into a store I'd curated whilst I was sleeping/dreaming. There isn't a brand or artist I'd change. It's absolutely on the money. Oh, and these guys haven't got time to make you feel unwelcome or like you're out of place, because they're too busy smiling at you, being beautiful and making incredible cups of coffee to enjoy in the marble-esque cafe. 

I pulled my favourite piece as above, the dogtooth co-ord by Isa Arfen. Now, whilst the price tag of this co-ord is upwards of £500, I can't bypass such a beautifully cut, and all around perfect minimal expression of AMAZING-NESS. I'll start saving now, it's worth it. 

I say go, go in and enjoy a wander around a store that I promise will cater for you in some way. Also, have a coffee, it's great coffee.

Thank you for letting me loose with my camera to take everything in, it was my pleasure. My boyfriend is VERY aware how much I love Modern Society, just in time for Christmas.

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for reading.