Party Face Ready

Tis' the season to PARTY. With a little help from Fragrance Direct, I want to share with you my top beauty products to get you through the party season with a fresh face.
1. MAC in Lady Danger. A killer red lip goes a long way this time of year, it has the capacity to make you feel super dressed up and ready for action, even if you're not quite feeling it.
2. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit. An absolute hero product for me. Those tired eyes will give you away if you don't treat them with a little respect! Cover it up and make them beautiful and bright again with this super creamy brightening duo. Amazing results.
3. Clarins eye contour gel. This little gem will cool and soothe those eyes, making you feel party ready again. I always like to apply this in the morning and pre make-up, giving it enough time to dry before applying your eye concealer duo.
Post party
1. Bobbi Brown eye makeup remover. Lifesaving product right here. I never sleep in my makeup anymore, the troublesome skin the day after is just not worth it. Even when you're a little worse for wear, after having one too many glasses of prosecco...So I need a product thats going to get stubborn eye make up off and fast. Cue this Bobbi Brown genius.
2. Dermalogica concealing spot treatment. Party after party means making extra efforts with your makeup, whether thats heavier on the eyes, or topping up your foundation relentlessly in the loo, your skin suffers. I always find if I go heavy with the make up, I break out. This wonderful product by Dermalogica does two great things, the first is that it works as a concealer so that you can use it whilst you're mid knee slide at the  D I S C O and the second is that it contains spot fighting agents so it's working all the time. Win win.
I hope this has helped you out a little with your party face!Happy Christmas Eve!
Thank you so much for reading.