Social Media: Is it changing our relationships?

Last night as I was dropping off to sleep, Chris looked at me and said do you think you're addicted to social media?
This comes after living with me for the last 2 months, and earlier in the day I'd nearly dropped the bed on his foot whilst he was building it, all because I "needed" to post something on Instagram.

If I counted the hours per day that I spent trawling through Instagram, Twitter, blogs, Facebook and Snapchat, it makes me wonder about what I'm actually missing out on, like, did I just miss something hilarious that my mum said about the fact that de-Nile isn't just a river in Egypt? Probably. 

I have the most amount of mixed feelings surrounding my online presence. I never feel competitive towards other influencers, I'm old enough to know that gets me nowhere, my personality doesn't deal with that emotion well, so I've learned to breeze over it. When I see women doing well, it makes me happy and I feel like cheerleading for them. We're all different, and that's what makes us amazing.
When I talk about my online presence, I am in a competition, but it's with myself, to be successful and determined to push myself further every day, but this comes at a price. The relationships around me see it, and if I continue, will become damaged by me not being "present". I might be sat with you, but I'm not really "there" or if I am, I'm thinking about taking my phone to the loo to post a candid coffee photo on Instagram so I don't get told to put my phone down. 

My BFF commented about the amount I use Snapchat, she's not a fan. I'm maid of Honor to her at her wedding in Las Vegas later this year it's going to test my use of Snapchat- IMAGINE the content I'd get? But it's not nearly as incredible as how I'll feel as soon as I see her walking down the aisle. 

I've made a promise to myself to be more present in everything I do. Not everything is content, my life shouldn't be splattered across the Internet all of the time. I get to choose what you see, and that's not a topless Chris building our new bed, or me in the bath with a glass of wine, surrounded by perfectly placed candles and my best looking books.

Lots of people talk about stepping back, and how social media makes them feel, it's a positive thing to get that out there and acknowledge how you feel about it, it's your life. Don't live for Snapchat. 

On a side note, how hilarious that this is even an issue? "I'm addicted to the Internet". A far cry away from riding (and falling off) my BMX bike, climbing trees (no, really) and wearing only boys clothes for the majority of my childhood, by choice.
I hope you've found this a little helpful, if you were struggling or wondering how people maintain it. The truth is, nobody can maintain it without detriment to those closest to you, and in answer to Chris' question, yes, I probably am addicted to Social Media. Yuck.

Take back your time.