STAY Apartments Copenhagen

I had to share this place with you. Last month I went to Copenhagen for a three night break and I was lucky enough to be able to make STAY Copenhagen my home for my time there. What an absolutely incredible space it was. Our apartment was the top floor XL apartment and I cannot express how huge it was! It was incredibly beautiful, in a minimal, Scandi way- which of course, I loved. To some of you this might look a little cold, but believe me, the underfloor heating sorted that right out! It was the perfect place for relaxing and working on editorial shoots (I couldn't go somewhere like this and not take my blog along right....?).

It was situated just out of town, approximately a 30 minute walk or 10 minute taxi (Uber!). The staff were ace, so friendly and helpful with anything and everything. Breakfast was wonderful, traditionally Danish, of course, so I guess I did eat my weight in pastries, but I'm ok with that...

I would absolutely recommend this apart/hotel and it's somewhere I'd stay again when I return to Copenhagen in the very near future- The Acne Archive isn't going to shop itself is it?

I hope you've enjoyed having a look into STAY Copenhagen and thank you so much for reading