Store focus: Suite Hazen

I was recently introduced to the stunning online store Suite Hazen by the wonderful Jordanne at little thoughts PR, @littlethoughts via Twitter. I can honestly say I haven't been this excited by the concept of a store in a long time. And don't get me started on the branding! To die for! You HAVE to check out the website, It's just unreal. I had some time to chat to Lauren, the incredible founder of Suite Hazen, and sent me two beautiful gifts as pictured, that you can shop below.

1. What inspired you to create Suite Hazen I wanted to create a place to put all my loves into one basket. Beautiful things, inspiring people, and incredible spaces. I had collected many beautiful pieces and objects while travelling and wanted to put them or the likes of them in one special gifting suite. After my time in fashion PR in both London and New York, I had a myriad of experiences that would help bring my idea to life. Suite Hazen is based on the idea of a gifting suite and inspired by boutique hotels so I like to think of Suite Hazen as a virtual gift shop for all of the beautiful boutique hotels out there. There is a thread of travel, discovery, and uncovering unique and beautiful pieces in both the merchandise and the articles in the In Suite Magazine. I wanted to create a rich shopping experience and if people return only to read the magazine and browse gorgeous things that is okay by me.

2. The concept behind Suite Hazen is just incredible. Have you always been a creative soul? Thank you for your kind words. I’ve always been creative and enjoyed living outside of the box but I’m also really into communications as I studied journalism at university (with a post grad in fashion marketing from Parsons) So I read and write quite a bit - I devour all kinds of magazines. I am creative myself but appreciate art and unique beauty all around me. I am a visual person and just love aesthetics. I do naturally follow a lot of creative mediums; photography, art and interior decor the most. Oh but of course my roots are in fashion and I follow that the most. Seeing Rodarte fashion shows up close and personal cemented that a long time ago!

3. Describe Suite Hazen in three words
Eclectic, curated, discovery

4. If you were a food what would you be and why? Sadly salad, there are endless possibilities and combinations and this might be pushing it a touch but you could consider salads “eclectic” or “curated” :) 

5. Who would be a dream brand to have on board at Suite Hazen? I think the closest thing to a dream brand would be a collaborative line with one of the designers we already work with or others like it. To be able to come up with exclusive products and co-collaborated pieces would be a dream come true. It would be putting my creating and creative side into practice and motion.

6. In Suite Magazine is particularly inspiring to me, I loved the recent Alex Steadman feature! how do you choose what to feature?
Choosing is just really about a genuine interest, and the magazine is a very special part for me as it allows us to bring the shop to life and further its concept. Contextual commerce is a large part of the Suite Hazen concept as it rounds out the whole shopping experience. I am really inquisitive with diverse taste, but I like what I like, so when I do discover something I just go for it and explore further, looking to find out more. I can see an artist on Instagram and reach out minutes later. But we will definitely have to turn the tables and do something together, learn about you, maybe we will go to an art class or do some flower arranging?!

7. Name the last album you listened to? I listen to a lot of Spotify and Soundcloud so the last album/playlist was Bob Marley, and a great DJ set by my friend Hector Romero from Ministry of Sound this past Spring has been on repeat. 

8. What are your aspirations for the future? To continue to evolve with beautiful, often unseen products and provide a place for discovery. I laugh and say we will change the world one gift at a time but I hope we do! A beautiful gift is the ultimate luxury! The Suite Hazen bricks and clicks balance is important to me, being out there with pop-ups and concessions is on the cards in order to compliment the online experience. And I will leave this one to the universe but I hope we do get to do some boutique hotel gift shop concessions, and curate an amazing mix for the amazing hotels out there...!

I think you can agree that Lauren is one of the most inspiring, creative souls ever! I have loved our little collaboration and here's to a spot of flower arranging!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.