The Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakesh

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, I would like to apologise for the dream trip spam. I'm not really sorry, but I thought I'd be polite.
Myself, Anna and Emma jetted off to Morocco to stay at the Royal Mansour last week and my goodness, what a trip. I mean, there's no place on earth like it.
We arrived to the most helpful and wonderful staff who escorted us to our Riads. Now, when I say Riad, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Needless to say it blew whatever expectations I had, out of the water.

We each had a three story Riad, complete with roof top pool. I cannot tell you how much my face ached from all of the smiling, and laughing hysterically. You should have seen me, I thought I may have been the butt of the greatest practical joke ever, it was that unreal.

When we arrived we had some time to explore our new home. The grounds of the Royal Mansour are something to behold. Every fews steps forces you to stop and take in your surroundings, each more beautiful than the last. We all decided that it was a great idea to head to the pool at this point, so bikini clad and lugging our pool accessories along we went along to find the most tranquil of areas. I lay down, and as soon as I felt the sun on my body I was relaxed.

During the course of the afternoon we each had treatments booked in the spa. I had a deep tissue massage and a pedicure, so naturally when I emerged I was feeling like a new woman and the girls commented on (and laughed at) my "relaxed happy face". Read more about them here.

Dinner was at 9pm in the Moroccan themed restaurant within the hotel, which was fully booked. We were given our own area of the dining room to really get stuck into the experience. We each tried something different and ordered things that pushed us out of our comfort zones, and we are so glad we did! Toasted with champagne, our meal was beautiful and we laughed until our faces ached and our sides hurt.
The next morning we enjoyed the most hearty breakfast up on the roof terrace, it was even brought to our room! Of course we sat in our pyjamas to eat it….

We took a trip to another hotel just down the road from ours, La Mamounia, famed for it's incredible Saint Laurent gardens and overall beauty. We had a beautiful lunch on the sun terrace and walked through the gorgeous grounds of the hotel to shoot some content.

Once we got back to the Royal Mansour we jumped back into poolside mode to catch the last of the sun and swim. Then we had some more shooting to do so we wandered around the orange gardens as the sun set on our final day.

It's very safe to say that this trip has been one of the most wonderful, wholesome and beautiful experiences of my life. Anna and Emma made it even more incredible.