Tuck it in

If you've been reading my blog for a little while now, you'll know just how much I think of the ASOS White collection. It's high end ASOS, and I absolutely adore the collections they produce, season after season. Even though it isn't specifically for taller girls, everything fits me so perfectly. Most pieces are pretty oversized so I always size down by one size to a size 8. 

This top is incredible, since it arrived through my letterbox, I've been hard pushed to wear any of my other, now very lonely, tops. 

The price point for this collection is really good too. I always find the quality to be of a high standard in the pieces I've chosen, so for that, it's fairly priced. The collections distinctive design means it doesn't look "high street" and you won't find every girl your age out for drinks at the weekend wearing the same dress or top. Similarly, because it's quite a masculine/casual collection, your day wear would rarely cause you embarrassment if you walked into your favourite restaurant for dinner to find a girl in the exact same outfit as you. So, you know, lots of positive and very rarely any negatives. 

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