Weekend uniform

Happy flipping Saturday you lot! I hope you've got some gorgeous weekend plans ahead. I just waved off one of my best mates who came down to stay from the North, we are both less than fresh today! I'm now waiting for my mama and brother to arrive so I can show them my new London life! I haven't seen them for six weeks! Mental.

I seem to have adopted a pretty chilled 'uniform' for weekends recently (today I'll dress up a little because we're going to take my mama to somewhere fancy schmancy) I love throwing on casual comfortable threads- especially as over the weekend I tend to explore an awful lot! Although Summer is on the horizon, I'm still working with my predominantly black/minimal wardrobe. I wonder if that will change once it's super warm out....maybe I'll go wild and move from black to grey.

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Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading.