Lindsey Holland. I’m a Northern girl living in London. Fashion and design is where my love lies, and I’ve developed a real travel bug recently and am always planning my next adventure.
I started working full time with my blog in June 2016 after a long, tough decision to give up my other love, Physiotherapy to see where this journey would take me.
I launched Ropes of Holland in January 2012 as a way out of the horrible pile of University work I was lodged under. I wanted a place to voice my opinion and love for fashion and design, and so Ropes of Holland was born.
Ropes of Holland is shaping up to be my personal style and fashion journey. I am having the most incredible time, meeting new people, experiencing new things and collaborating with brands that I love and respect. I like to focus in on brands and people that inspire me.
For all PR enquiries, blogger event invites & brand collaborations please contact me at: 
 lindseydawnholland@hotmail.com or my agent, Rachel@varg.co.uk
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Hi … I bought the Rixo star top which you look amazing in . Just a query … I’m about your size and bought a large cos I’ve got broad shoulders and I just liked the way it hangs but I wore it out today and have realized I keep flashing my boobs! Does that happen to you and if so have you found anyway to deal with it ? I tried a v neck black cami but that kept showing too and although more decent it kind of ruined the look of the blouse…. any ideas ? Thanks so much x




Ahh so glad you got one too. I got a small in the end, and I’m really not blessed in the boob dept so I haven’t had any trouble. What about a plunge t-shirt bra, and boob tape! xxx



Yung-Ching Hong

Dear Lindsey,
I love your 30th birthday present, the sky over your hometown, I understand that picture is from your friend, but I really wanna know how can I get the print, please, thank you so much!


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